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We know to eat what vegetable to need Xian Chao water, the purpose of scald water is the redundant harmful material in purify vegetable, for instance spinach scald water for purify too oxalic acid, the potherb such as shepherd’s purse also needs to have scald water first again edible, scald water can purify and kill a lot of bacteriaShanghai night net

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Bug egg, more healthy, boiled dumpling of crowndaisy chrysanthemum stuffing is the vegetable that a lot of people like to eat, so does crowndaisy chrysanthemum do dumpling stuffing to use scald water?

Does crowndaisy chrysanthemum do dumpling stuffing to use scald water

Does crowndaisy chrysanthemum want scald waterThe cold and dressed with sause after float is very hot, be helpful for the person with gastric bowel bad function. Fry in all with meat dishes of the flesh, egg, can raise the utilization rate of its vitamin A. Iron crowndaisy chrysanthemum float, mix on Chengdu of sesame-seed oil, gourmet powder, refined salt, garlic, delicate and goluptious, edible of the most appropriate coronary heart disease, hypertensive crowd. With crowndaisy chrysanthemum the makings that do stuffing includes dumpling, dumpling soup, have a distinctive flavour. Burn together with bean curd, it is mensal on one delicious and goluptious Lenten. Crowndaisy chrysanthemum basically is the tender bine part of a historical period that has it, the cooking method with better reason is float soup, 2 it is cold and dressed with sause. In addition, powdery evaporate or heat acclaim meat dishes underlay, also do not have local color.

Does crowndaisy chrysanthemum do dumpling stuffing to use scald water

The advantage of scald waterBate organization makes ferment makes live, element says to kill blueness, benefit at refrigerant the dish after saving purify acerbity flavour to pass scald water, mouthfeel good

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A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Does crowndaisy chrysanthemum do dumpling stuffing to use scald water

The advantage of crowndaisy chrysanthemumCalm the nerves smell of Hao of be good at head, Qing is sweet, contain rich vitamin, carotene to reach a variety of amino acid, have raise a heart to calm the nerves, stable mood, step-down protects a head, prevent memory to drop wait for effect. The natrium that Hao of diuresis of subsidence of a swelling, Qing contains a variety of amino acid, adipose, protein and higher amount, Potassium mineral, canShanghai noble baby

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Adjust fluid of the water inside body metabolizes, can remove the oedema, water that know interest. Hao of expectorant, Qing contains a lot ofclear lung vitamin A, often the infection that edible conduces to counteractive respiratory system, embellish lung disappear is phlegmy. The sweet smell with special crowndaisy chrysanthemum conduces to smooth asthma changing chaotic. The rich prandial fiber in preventing Hao of constipation, Qing conduces to peristalsis of stimulative bowel path, help human body eliminates harmful toxin in time, achieve the bowel of the benefit that connect organs, goal that prevents constipation. A variety of volatile material are contained in Hao of appetitive, Qing, the special fragrance that they send out hasForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Aid the exudation at increasing saliva, can appetitive, disappear is fed appetizing. The beautification skin, skin that wants to have beauty is about to feed crowndaisy chrysanthemum more, because it can improve the condition with coarse skin. Raise heart, crowndaisy chrysanthemum to have cardiac of 4 kinds of aggrandizement medical effect composition, its fragrance is the medical effect class status with peculiar crowndaisy chrysanthemum. Purify cholesterol, crowndaisy chrysanthemum is containedFall in love with the sea

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, chlorophyll has the effect of purify cholesterol.

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