[peak honey cannot eat together with what] – of note of _ contraindication _

Article introduction

Peak honey is called the gift of nature. Arduous bee is in pollen when, act according to for the mankind on Gan Tian. Proper edible honey has peristalsis of stimulative intestines and stomach, hairdressing is raised colour wait for effect. Its but direct edible, also but bubble water perhaps serves as flavor with other food a kind of edible. But for the angle from food conpatibility of medicines, edible peak honey also is to have a lot of cultured. So honey cannot with what food Where is an edible?

Peak honey cannot eat together with what

Honey, it is insect bee the nectar that collects from inside the flower of the flowerer is in honeycomb in brew the honey that make. The bee adopts water content to be the nectar of 80% or secretion about from inside floral flower, stock oneself in the 2nd stomach, ferment in what the course below enzymatic action changes 30 minutes inside body, return honeycomb in spit, honeycomb inside temperature often maintains control in 35 ℃ , through period of time, water portion evaporates, become moisture content little at the honey of 20% , put store in mew hole, with beeswax sealed.

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Absorb, to Fu, young especially the old person has favorable sanitarian effect more, be called consequently ” the milk of the old person ” . The composition of honey besides dextrose, fructose kind still contain all sorts of vitamins, mineral with amino acid, the honey of 1 kilogram contains 2940 calories quantity of heat. Additional, honey is the supersaturation solution of candy, the meeting when microtherm produces crystallization, those who generate crystallization is dextrose, the part that does not produce crystallization basically is fructose.

Peak honey cannot eat together with what

The nutrient value of honey

The dextrose of about 35% is contained in 1. honey, the fructose of 40% , these two kinds of candy need not pass digestive action and be absorbed by human body directly.

A variety of inorganic salt of close of as clear as somatological chroma are contained in 2. honey, still contain a certain quantity of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, iron, calcic, copper, phosphor, Potassium to wait fight material.

Amylase, lipase is contained in 3. honey, change enzymatic, be contain in food enzymatic a most kind. Enzymatic it is to help human body digest absorb, absorb and the stimulative material of a series of material metabolization and chemical change.

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Honey + rice: Affect digest absorb

Honey + leek: Have blood of meeting block up together circularly

Honey + spinach: Cause aching

Honey + wild rice stem: Cause chronic illness

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Honey + bean curd works: Have caustic hearing, diarrhoea

Honey + bean curd: Easy bring about diarrhoea

Honey + asparagus lettuce: Adverse intestines and stomach, send diarrhoea easily

Honey + onion: Have meeting injury eye together, cause an eye unwell, meet badly blindness

Peak honey cannot eat together with what

Honey + river crab: Eat together can cause toxic, can use ground oar water cure

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Sweet + boreal bean curd: Have caustic hearing, diarrhoea

Honey + plum: Have caustic the five internal organs

Honey + 1000 pieces: Have caustic hearing, diarrhoea

Honey + rice: Eat together can gastralgia

Honey + bean curd silk: Have caustic hearing, diarrhoea

Honey + dried bean milk cream in tight rolls: Have caustic hearing, diarrhoea

Honey + soya-bean milk: The protein in soya-bean milk is taller than milk, both strong right, produce metamorphic precipitation, cannot by human body absorb

Honey + fried bean curd: Have caustic hearing, diarrhoea

Honey + garlic: Property contrary

Honey + boiled water: Can change the taste with melting honey, make its generation acidity

Honey + bean curd is beautiful: Eat together can cause deaf, it is OK to eat mung bean cure

Honey + green: Have an eye together, can use mung bean cure

Honey + hot water: Eat the nutrient component that can make honey medium to get together destroy

Honey + crucian carp fish: Eat together the meeting is toxic, it is OK to use black soya bean, licorice detoxify

Honey + crab: Toxic

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Drive ascarid

Honey + a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province: Alleviate cough

Honey + snowflake pear: Alleviate cough

Honey + milk: Alleviate anaemia is mixed dysmenorrhoea

Honey + Xue Li: Alleviate cough

Honey + pear: Alleviate cough

Honey + carrot: Platoon poison

Honey + crowndaisy chrysanthemum: Precautionary constipation

Honey + cucumber: Embellish bowel aperient

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