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To constipation this is planted common symptom, suggest everybody perhaps can eat the food of the stimulative intestines and stomach such as banana to alleviate through drinkable honey, and because everybody is in,costive happening basically is at ordinary times food notForum of Shanghai night net

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When, have increase of the steam inside the system that too little vegetable causes, suggest everybody had better be the methodological therapy that adopts dietotherapy so. The cookbook with best constipation is to eat more coarse food grain and drink yoghurt appropriately, and vegetable of much draft fruit conduces to digestive defecate.

Costive cookbook therapeutics

1, staple food intake shoulds not be too little, have a few thick food grains other than wheat and rice more appropriately at ordinary times. Thick food grains other than wheat and rice contains rich prandial fiber, moisture can retain in alvine path, stimulative bowel wriggles. A lot of people worry about get fat and control food, staple food and vegetable take less. Eat less the food that forms inside alvine path is residual little, the frequency of defecate can decrease, light bodyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The moisture inside the path that become bowel is answered absorb grow in quantity, and cause have a bowel movement dry, not easy eduction, generation constipation.

2, nurturance is daily the habit that drinks yoghurt. Yoghurt can complement beneficial gives birth to bacterium, adjust the harmful bacterium in alvine path. And yoghurt is returnedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Longitudinal causes the effect of diarrhoea, can defyFall in love with the sea

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Constipation. Accordingly, daily the yoghurt that should drink certain amount.

3, food shoulds not be too delicate. Lift with what control hematic fat for precaution, a lot of people are delicate to food lay particular stress on. This often lets a person take an error, exorbitant foodShanghai Long Feng forum

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Delicate little oily time is long, the moist with the residual adipose lack in because bowel,also be being met and occurrence defecate is difficult. So this kind of patient should notice food does not want too delicate.

Costive cookbook therapeutics

4, eat vegetable fruit more, compensatory and prandial fiber. Vegetable fruit is prandial fibrous a main source, contain the vegetable fruit with prandial tall fiber to include bud of bean, apple, pear, strawberry, potato, tomato, sweetbell redpepper, garlic bolt, garlic sprouts, leek, hollow dish, gram, Chinese cabbage, a variety of Chinese cabbage to wait. What recommend to everybody is apple, pumpkin, black agaric, food contain solubility prandial fibrous food, can maintain the balance of alvine path small zoology, stimulative beneficial gives birth to the growth of bacterium, also have the effect of constipation of good prevention and cure.

5, the hot food that eats less to have stimulation to the body. Be like strong tea, coffee and the food that contain pink of a large number of pepper, curry powder, chili to wait, reduce the stimulation of coarse plant cellulose even at the same time, eat bamboo shoot, leek, celery less, can eat a few softness, gentle, the food of little stimulation, be like but dish of a few melon kind the cooking after flay, vegetable chooses a few tender dish hearts to wait, at the same time we alsoLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Should little drink

Costive cookbook therapeutics


Actually dietary habit causes the generation of a lot of constipation, so we should maintain a good habits and customs, drink water more at ordinary times, eat vegetable fruit more, also want the habitual give up that drinks those bad smoking, because constipation endangers the body to still can affect the female’s appearance not only, the face that can let original Bai Xi appears dark yellow, pigment is ad cool-headed, appear even splash, that moment is late. And still can connect tea with Gu Fanghui. Intelligent connect tea to be able to raise Yan Gong effect through discharging poison, improve function of intestines and stomach, metabolization produces acidity material, stimulative bowel path wriggles, the source that cleared constipation generates – bacterium group unbalance, achieve safe and aperient goal.

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