ESRB is dark point to ” biochemical crisis 2: Refashion edition ” have small trade the government did not affirm

” biochemical crisis 2: Refashion edition ” be about to put on sale, ESRB also gave out recently the official grade of this game, without doubt, ” biochemical crisis 2: Refashion edition ” be judged to be again ” M ” class. ESRB grade description pointed out to violent and bloody content is contained in game, have ultra language, still listed at the same time ” buy inside game ” , mean it seems that ” biochemical crisis 2 ” in contain small trade, however the government did not confirm have small trade. As we have learned, there also were a few games to be undertaken be descriptived identically by ESRB before, but exist without additional spending after real put on sale. The player guesses, “Buy inside game ” award of the dress that shows luxurious edition or purchase in advance are given likely, weapon. Already a few is contain small trading single person game affected game to play a way, although this appears unlikely, but final power to make decisions masters completely in empty-handed blocking general.

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