Domestic manufacturer will help! Ideal world takes over MOBA game ” gigantic animal “

As domestic game industry grow ceaselessly, the speech advantageous position of domestic game firm in global game industry is stronger and stronger also, for instance Tecent buys game engine tycoon EPIC and ” the hero is allied ” development business Riot, recently, this ideal world company also make contributions, ideal world will be in charge of distributing MOBA game ” gigantic animal ” , the development work of this game encountered serious trouble in Feburary this year, not quite up to the mark cannot come out successfully.

” gigantic animal ” it is the MOBA game with a distinctive color, shirt-sleeve fire and behavioral element, the player can be encountered in game lieutenant general and release its the person that gigantic animal is guarded, choose oneself hero, begin 5V5 race next.

Ideal world is in charge of issueing ” gigantic animal ” hind, this game continues as before the game plan that original PC and XboxOne step platform, the platform of Arc Games game that and return will land ideal him world.

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