” anthem ” ” intercept person ” machine armour plays a law to reveal armour of the most agile machine of fighting at close quarters

After armour of afterwards storm plane, IGN was released now ” anthem ” ” intercept person ” the video of introduction playing a way of machine armour. Intercept person machine armour is profession of armour of 4 great opportunity in the most exquisite, the fluentest machine armour, although force is inferior to other machine armour, but its sensitivity and evasive rate nobody can be compared. The battle style that armour of machine of the person that this paragraph of video that IGN release阿爱上海同城

s revealed intercept differs 3 kinds, style of every kinds of battle deserves to have different weapon and technical ability.
Intercept person machine armour is good at harm is caused in close quarters and weakening the enemy, can make the runout before reaction in the other side next. 上海夜网

Having powerful Dao Jian and the intercept number of a series of ruinous skill not only can singles is fought alone, special also be good at assisting teammate. Dagger of double blade of ability of fighting at close quarters of armour of machine of intercept date javelin: Intercept date uses dagger of a pair of Shuang Ren to undertake high speed behead attack, this i阿拉爱上海同城

s to plant can permanent persistent powerful chain attack. Armour of machine of javelin of date of intercept of equipment of technology of armour of intercept sign chance comes in the skill with the powerful put to good us爱上海同城

e on battlefield through the equipment that all sorts of differring. You can obtain equipment through collect booty in the task, and your aux will be able to equips between the task quite or be switch they. Soldiers can choose from inside the following category in configuration, and most equipment 3. System of assault of armour of mach爱上海

ine of intercept date javelin tracks Zhan Ren: Cast a sharp and clinking weapon, he will seek the most adjacent target automatically. Strong acid bomb: Cast a 上海夜网

grenade, after detonating, will be opposite strong acid of around enemy douse. Blade of urgent aspic battle: Fire a weapon, it decides the lock a target around to freeze its after hit. Colonies landmine: Cast of government target area a batch of landmine, explosion is caused when contacting the enemy. Xiao of light produced by electricity pricks: Be pricked to ahead Xiao and a meeting stays to cause the electric current of harm to the enemy in back. Armour of machine of intercept date javelin atttacks systematic shooting star to attack: Be full of an enemy with energy and explosion is caused after brief defer. If the enemy is eliminated inside defer period of time, explosion will cause taller harm. The sword in electric oar hand: Toward single goal cast the sword in the hand of aggrandizement of oar of report of a classics, suit remote. The star is cruel attack: Give out an ammo from intercept date, it will atttack the enemy of all bring into contact with. Fierce wind attacks: Powerful single goal is atttacked, can dizzy and small-sized enemy. Corrode sparge: Spray one provides corrosive strong acid, the enemy that all right hitting causes harm. Armour of machine of intercept date javelin balefire of support system target: The end that gets mark will get additional harm, if suffer the enemy of mark to be eliminated, this effect reachs move on another enemy body. Drive howls: Move to meet with except all week the attribute effect of teammate. Nail of machine of intercept date javelin is final the blade of skill assassin: Soldiers can show the real strength of javelin machine armour through the culminating skill with special deploy. Energy of intercept date overload takes out the blade of assassin, kill the enemy with splitting rate cut next. ” anthem ” will on Feburary 22, 2019 put on sale, land PC, PS4 and Xbox One, take simplified Chinese oneself.

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