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The rootstock of asparagus lettuce is a lot of people use those who do cate, asparagus lettuce mouthfeel is ringing, a lot of people like to eat, the practice of asparagus lettuce is very much also, not only can section, also can cut into shreds. Wo1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Bamboo shoot is special homely feedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Content, can join other feed material to be done together, such food are richer.

How to do asparagus lettuce? What is the practice

When 1. asparagus lettuce is bought, had pared to flay! HillLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Also want a skin to had been cut. Run from opposite directions yam and asparagus lettuce respectively again section, yam puts the bubble in brine a little while antirust becomes angry, have oily pot, green garlic explodes sweet, put asparagus lettuce first piece fry a few times, join drop to cross the hill pill of water to be fried together, transfer into right amount salt, add a few water to shut boiler to build clock of the dichotomy that boil. Transfer into finally a few chicken essence can!

How to do asparagus lettuce? What is the practice

Flay of 2. asparagus lettuce, green is cleaned clean, red onion goes cortical and abluent. Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Asparagus lettuce cuts into shreds, the asparagus lettuce that has cut puts salt of one small spoon, mix divide evenly souse 30 minutes, the asparagus lettuce silk that has bloated pushs dry water share. Boiler burns heat, issue oil, slow fly into rage of small fire of next red onion and very light blue comes yellow, join scallion one case after scamper becomes yellow to scallion, drop goes green broken bits, fill oil giving green to reserve, a few white vinegar, salt, white sugar reachs a few cool boiled water to be moved into juice, chili cuts into shreds put put asparagus lettuce, enter the juice of mix up, drench on green oil mixes divide evenly can.

How to do asparagus lettuce? What is the practice

Flay of 3. asparagus lettuce cuts bit thicker silk, lean lean cuts into shreds. Asparagus lettuce and lean lean are mixed with salt respectively unripe smoke, amylaceous, pepper catchs divide evenly attack by surprise to make. Have oily pot, next shredded meat delimit medicinal powder. Shredded meat becomes angry the asparagus lettuce silk that nowadays squeezes moisture. Fry break to asparagus lettuce silk unripe can give boiler. Shredded meat was used unripe smoke souse, asparagus lettuce also used saline souse to squeeze moisture again, have saline taste, so need notSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Put salt again.

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