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Often eat rose sauce to be able to make the body natural give out the aroma of a kind of rose, actually this not without the truth, because the person was absorbing elemental hind, body excretive sweat fluid odour and absorbed food are relative, a lot of people often edible taste lay particular stress on, compare a stodge, the oily content in sweat fluid is stronger, appear very easily so oily fishy smell, and often eat contain fragrance and delicate food, the sweat fluid of the body sends out a taste that also has faint scent.

The effect that what very few somebody knows is contained a lot ofin rose sauce

Rose sauce

Want equipment neat raw material above all, fresh rose, brown sugar, salt, the weight scale between them is 1: 3: 0.05. Wait for lamina of fresh rose take out, thalamus the part, abluent, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Air. Put petaline, brown sugar, salt containers esp. for use in the house of state of a bowl next inside, setting a means is to put leaf of a rose first, put a brown sugar, salt next, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Put a leaf again, put a brown sugar, salt again next. Ordinal and row, till give out raw material. After raw material put away, look for other people of account of a beetle, if pound garlic to beat wait, reach rose valve dolly, knead body of cake of sticky stiff shape. If want to make the flavour of rose sauce better, if mouthfeel is much better, still can join some of honey in this one process.

Be like core urgent have a taste of what is just in season, perhaps do not keep out the word of the full-bodied aroma of rose sauce, pound mushy hind can eat. If not be eager to have a taste of what is just in season, of pursuit is mouthfeel, can load the rose sauce with good knead bottle of wide mouth glass or porcelain vessel at this moment inside, container wants enough big, the bulk after because rose sauce ferments,the 2/3(that although rose sauce is loaded completely,also cannot exceed its container volume prevents expands spill over container) . Next sealed rise, make it natural below room temperature ferment. Two week hind turn over agitate, a lunar hind can open bottle edible. When edible, can take according to oneself need quantity with, next again container mouth airtight severe. Can save 3 ~ 5 years not to deteriorate so.

The effect that what very few somebody knows is contained a lot ofin rose sauce

Edible rose sauce, the method also is varied. Can place congee of the assist on table to eat directly, perhaps pour bubble hot water directly or add in black tea to taste drink, also can use extensively at flavorring to reach cake stuffing, if the rose is sweet model Yuanxiao, moon cake, sweet pudding, fork is burned etc, return the milk that can add the heat that boilForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
In, make the hot drink such as rose milk.

Rose sauce not only color is beautiful, flavour scent, and hairdressing result is very strong. Besides above the rose sauce that we had mentioned can let human body aroma outside 4 excessive, still can eliminate alimentary appearance, the spot stain on take out face is nodded. A few girls grow fleck on the face, insist to eat the rose sauce of period of time, can get accident surprise. This one function of rose sauce is the contribution of rose and brown sugar actually. The rose has invigorate the circulation of blood to change the intention of Yu, ; of natural can clear poisonous hairdressing and brown sugar is had ” lukewarm and those who fill, lukewarm and connect, lukewarm and come loose ” lukewarm filling action, can enrich the blood, invigorate the circulation of blood, connect Yu, human body once unobstructed of hematic arteries and veins, poison can keep clear of as soon as possible inside eduction, cannot stop, natural spot kind the thing also won’t grow on the face.

Rose sauce is treating field of disease of department of gynaecology, also have on beautiful expression. For instance a lot of women can come in menstruation when orNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Person menstrual around, give now abdomen labour pains, dysmenorrhoea. This moment, be inferior to abstain or buying some of rose sauce to eat to the supermarket, can enjoy namely delicate, can relieve the symptom of dysmenorrhoea effectively again.

Nowadays, mcdonald’s of people classics haunt, Kendeji goes having a meal, they always can be fed to a few ketchup assist. Rise quite with ketchup, the highest grade in the sauce of rose sauce it may be said that we abstain — mouthLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Sense is good, treat a disease hairdressing, and it is food of pure natural green, without additive. So, when liking to eat the feminine leisure of cate, might as well start work sauce of the rose that make a point, make daily life some morer the color of the rose and sweet, some morer healthy.

The effect that what very few somebody knows is contained a lot ofin rose sauce

Scanty liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it raises female mufti rose colour

Generation empress Wu Zetian rares with respect to very loving Yu Yongmei Hua Yangyan, need drink rose is shown in the morning everyday, rose valve gets on face and systemic apply before sleeping. Pass 60 in her so when, look still the face is like peach blossom, pink and delicate, send out all over blast blast aroma.

One of 4 great beauties Yang Guifei, special also kind is raised with the rose colour. According to history record, yang Guifei likes to be gone to when bath not only the rose is put in piscina, and on the ground that is in her room, and she all the way fromLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
The room went to the road of piscina to bespread sundry rose leaf. What had a rose just about is moist, just meet of emperor of collect Tang Ming ” 3000 favorite at a suit ” . White house of Tang Dynasty poet ever was in easily ” song length hate ” in, with ” answer eye to laugh at 100 fawn on to be born, black of 6 palace pink does not have color ” will describe Yang Guifei, this shows she is how 100 fawn on mix 1000 charming elegant.

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